Download the learning app that fits personal development into your busy schedule

It was always the same story: we were too busy with the pressures of modern life to spend our time reading or learning something new. Being busy both at home and at work, never feel like it left much time for self-improvement. Then, during lockdown, we all stopped. We suddenly found we did have some more time, won back from a long commute or other commitments.

A poll found that a third of adults took up a new activity during the pandemic, reigniting old passions or hobbies long lost to the daily grind. Now, as the world opens up again, many might be feeling concerned that they will no longer have the time to commit to this self-development when it is competing with more time at work or outside of the home.

Introducing Blinkist: a way of continuing this learning by fitting it neatly into your day in bitesize chunks straight to your mobile phone or device. Launched in 2012, but now with over 18 million users worldwide, Blinkist is a mobile learning platform that offers key insights from over 4,500 books distilled into easily digestible 15-minute explainers, known as ‘Blinks’ that you can read or listen to.


Try Blinkist now with a 7-day free trial

The Blinks, curated from bestselling nonfiction, provide an encyclopedia of learning that you can access at a moment’s notice – whether you’re on a train, doing chores, or just mindlessly scrolling through your phone again – allowing you to continue on the same path of personal enhancement around your hectic schedule.

This helps turn those little blocks of time into precious and rewarding moments of life-long learning, optimising all the time we feel we don’t really have. So how does it work and why should you try it?

A mission for learning

Blinkist says it’s mission is to “make great knowledge engaging, inspiring, and accessible for the modern learner” for everyone from students to business owners. Anyone who is curious to learn more about the world around them but sometimes needs a helping hand getting started.

Had that one book sitting on your bedside table for months but never quite got round to starting it? The Blinkist selection of books cover everything from self improvement to psychology, management, philosophy, mindfulness, parenting, sex and relationships, so there is something for every life-long learner. And there are around 70 new titles added every week so even the fastest readers should always find something new.

Getting to the learning fast

You might be self-motivated and interested in learning but find you don’t have the hours in the day to search for smart resources, with any research eating into your precious free time.

Blinkist saves you the hassle and brings the learning straight to your hand so at a moment’s notice you’re able to optimise your actual time and begin the learning part sooner. Whether you want to read explainers or fancy listening to an audio version, Blinkist will fit into your day in as little as 15 minutes anytime and anywhere.


Try Blinkist now with a 7-day free trial

Personalised recommendations

The more you use Blinkist the better it gets to know you, helping you investigate areas you know you’re interested in – and recommend new topics you might not have previously thought about. These personalised recommendations build a rounded learning experience, helping to keep you engaged and gain new perspectives.

Humans over algorithms

Instead of relying on technology to do all the work, the Blinkist team strives for the highest quality by using a team of human editors and fact-checkers to serve up your content.

Collaborating directly with authors of the books, combing bestseller lists for the next big thing, and then distilling this knowledge into the short Blinks, means what users get is only the best.


Try Blinkist now with a 7-day free trial

Backed by the science

Blinkist says its content is scientifically formulated to work in the way that our brains respond best – by being memorable and clear. This means you can pick up where you left off and don’t find yourself needing to constantly recap like you might with a book. The app has also been designed to be easy on the eyes, as we could all do with a little less screen time.

Widely available

The Blinkist app is available to download on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle and on the website. The brand offers year-long subscriptions for £69.99 a year or £11.99 per month, but if you’re still unsure about how you could best use the Blinkist features why not try the seven-day free trial? Allowing you to try it out without the commitment.

Visit the Blinkist website to set up an account, choose your plan, and get started with your email address or just sign up with your social accounts.

Source: Download the learning app that fits personal development into your busy schedule

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